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Buzz Explains all the reasons why you should buy Silver-top!

Silver-top products are custom made to order, manufactured by skilled people and engineered for strength using only the highest quality materials. Silver-top has many features to choose from to help customize your new room. If you can dream we can build it. And, we can help you dream your perfect awning or addition. CALL US TODAY AT 800-638-6960 for ideas and pricing. Why wait?


Affordable, great value, long lasting... That's Silver-top!

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Silver-top: The Best. Call 800-638-6960 Today!

Since 1947, Silver-top® has provided homeowners with quality manufactured awnings and room enclosures including 3 season and 4 season rooms. Our roofs, windows and doors can be combined to create an attractive, affordable improvement to your home.

Choose from many styles and combinations to customize a room that matches your home. Room components can be installed one at a time, or in stages starting with an awning or roof, to customize a plan that matches your budget.

All Silver-top® products are carefully manufactured to provide strength, low maintenance and attractive design.

Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, Silver-top has a product for comfortable, care-free living.

It's easy to buy the best products for your home, business, or camping needs. And you'll find that Silver-top® products are affordable. The real value comes from the quality and longevity of the Silver-top products. It is not unusual for a customer to have a system or unit in service for 10, 20, 30 years or more without a single problem, drip, or crack. Why buy budget when you can buy quality for much less over the lifetime of the system.

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Just in case you want to have a party on our roofs you can! Please don't try this at home! This awning was photographed in 1969 in Alaska.
Our units are easy to install by our dealer/distributors or yourself if you are good with tools.

Affordable, great value, long lasting... That's Silver-top!

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It's easy to buy from Silver-top. Just look around to review our products then call us directly at 800-638-6960 or use our contact form. We'll help you find the right product and a dealer/installer to assist you. Silver-top provides the best porch and fold-down awnings and patio rooms, for homes, RVs, and vacation homes.  Get the 51-year solution for your home or RV.

Our Customers Speak

Now that we are retired we parked our trailer and camp almost year round. We love to make our trailer a place for friends, old and new. Before we had an awning being outside was very unpleasant. Too hot, too cold, rainy, etc.  Our Silver-top RV Two-Way Awing has extended our retirement home to so many others. Thank you Silver-top for opening our home!
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Are you interested in becoming a dealer/distributor? Call Ron or Sharon today at 800-638-6960!

Silver-top Safety

Silver-top prides itself in producing the finest Awnings & Enclosures on the market today. And, we do so while maintaining an outstanding health and safety record. We have not had a loss-time accident since February 2012. In 2006 Silver-top was awarded Maryland’s SHARP award for outstanding health and safety practices.