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Buzz Explains all the reasons why you should buy Silver-top!

Silver-top products are custom made to order, manufactured by skilled people and engineered for strength using only the highest quality materials. Silver-top has many features to choose from to help customize your new room. If you can dream we can build it. And, we can help you dream your perfect awning or addition. CALL US TODAY AT 800-638-6960 for ideas and pricing. Why wait?


Forty years and counting. Still looks great! That's Silver-top!

Camping Products

Snap Lock

Snap Lock at angleVery strong, 3" thick insulated Snap-Lock roof system with Silver-top ever popular Cameo Patio-room on a Park Model in campground along Maine coast.

The Snap Lock Awning is an attractive, yet economical choice for consumers who require an insulated product. It will quickly transform your patio or deck into a comfortable, protected outdoor living space. At the time of installation, or in the future, the area under your Snap Lock Awning can be enclosed to create a screen room or a Silver-top three-season room.

The Snap Lock Awning comes standard in white, with your choice of Silver-top decorator trim colors. This awning includes vinyl gutter and vinyl downspouts. Options include: heavy extruded aluminum gutter with house-type downspouts and color inserts, fan beams, and decorative grill columns.

Snap Lock Awning on an RV

ST 0031 CampAwningSnaplock1

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Bridge Braced Awning

ST 0033 CampAwningBridgebrace1
Bridged Braced Awning with Room Enclosure

The Bridge-Braced Awning is by far the strongest awning of its kind. While it has been in the marketplace for over fifty years, it continues to be one of the bestselling awnings in the industry. The combination of a sturdy understructure and curved design has made the Bridge-Braced Awning a modern classic.

At any time, a Bridge Braced Awning can be extended in length. Or, it can be converted into a new casual entertaining area with a Silver-top screen or three season patio enclosure. An optional ceiling kit is available to finish the interior.

Roof panels are either polar white or cream. Choose from a line of Silver-top trim colors and valance styles. Matching canopies are available to protect additional windows and doors, and create a finished look. Optional heavy-duty posts, decorative grill or fluted columns and aluminum or vinyl railings are also available.

As you can see, our bridge braced roof components can handle more weight than you'll ever need to worry about.

Bridge Braced Door and Window Awning

ST 20150204 108 BridgeBraced

Chateau Awning

ST 0032 CampAwningChateau1

Chateau Roof and RV Two-Way Awning on Park Model.

Our Chateau, the peaked roof, is available in custom sizes. Innovative design, superior materials and precision craftsmanship make it an investment. The Chateau can be used to cover doors, windows, patios, and decks. Also, the Chateau can be enclosed at the time of installation or later on, to transform your deck or patio into a comfortable outdoor living space.

The Chateau comes standard in white or cream, with your choice of decorator color inserts for the gutter and side trim. Optional skylights are available.


Forty years and counting. Still looks great! That's Silver-top!

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After extensive research we chose Silver-top for our patio. Great help, easy installation, and comfortable year around. And oh yeah, that was 15 years ago. Doesn't get any better.
J. Andrews

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Silver-top Safety

Silver-top prides itself in producing the finest Awnings & Enclosures on the market today. And, we do so while maintaining an outstanding health and safety record. We have not had a loss-time accident since February 2012. In 2006 Silver-top was awarded Maryland’s SHARP award for outstanding health and safety practices.